Delphi Consumer Ports and Media Modules

Delphi Consumer Ports and Media Modules are part of an expanding data connectivity portfolio that allows audio, video and navigation systems to communicate with each other, enhancing the driving experience. These interfaces between the vehicle and external consumer devices enable high speed data routing throughout the vehicle for passenger convenience and safety.

They can be configured to include multiple port types in a single unit. Among the possibilities are Auxiliary (AUX), Universal Serial Bus (USB), Storage Device (SD) and High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) functionality.

Flexible designs with smart charging and CarPlay™

Delphi is the market leader for media modules and hubs. They offer optimized packaging, custom hub ASIC to offer efficiency, expanded  functionality and unique support for CarPlay™ .

All our consumer ports and media modules host latest consumer device technologies (USB, HDMI, MHL, SD and SIM hardware and communications)


  • Various connections capability: USB 2.0/3.0,HDMI 1.4, MHL, SIM, SD,Consumer Port
  • Consumer PortDigital AUX
  • Smart charging with hub electronics
  • Delphi proprietary ASIC for CarPlay™ support
  • Class A surface finish with dimmable backlighting

Delphi advantage:

  • Dynamic host mode hub for multi-port architecture with CarPlay™ Delphi Media Module
    support  through unique bridging technology (realized with single data line to HU)

  • Solution oriented on performance and cost

Delphi's current portfolio of Consumer Ports and Media Modules includes:


Standalone ports: Available in multiple configurations of USB and AUX inputs, these ports can be customized for LED illumination of logos as well as Class A finishes and various cover designs.

Cable integrated ports: These cost effective alternatives incorporate the connection as part of the total cable assembly. Common cables can be used with custom bezels, or the complete port can be integrated into the cable assembly to eliminate the need for a loose bezel. Cable integrated ports feature halo illumination as well as transparent covers for protection while still maintaining strong visibility.

Media modules: Delphi media modules feature multiple protocol connectivity with the capability to provide hub functions, device recognition, charging, circuit protection, ElectroMagnetic Capability (EMC) filtering and more. Custom media module designs are available, with Class A surfaces, printing and graphics, covers and specialized device integration.

High content media modules: Customizable configurations include conversion of multiple input protocols to a single output, innovative smart halo illumination, smart charging via USB ports and wireless communication capability.


  • Easily adaptable to multiple protocols and device connections, including: 
  • Uses standard automotive electrical system components and USB connectors
  • Can be tailored to custom specifications
  • Meets USCAR-30 (United States Council for Automotive Research) and industry standard specifications, offering up to 10,000 mating cycles

Typical Applications:

Delphi Consumer Ports and Media Modules allow drivers and passengers to interact with many onboard information, safety and entertainment systems. Some of the typical applications include:

  • Music streaming between popular digital audio formats like MP3 and the vehicle's radio
  • Data exchange between various consumer devices and the vehicle
  • Data transfer for passenger convenience, including telematics and GPS
  • Voice recognition systems, cell phone links, voice mail and internet communications​
  • Convenient consumer electronic device charging

As a global leader in vehicle electrical architecture as well as high speed data connectivity systems, Delphi understands how to seamlessly integrate these complex electronics into the vehicle. Delphi has been a high volume global producer of high speed data products since 2006