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A shrewd solution to hybrid power shortfalls.

48-Volt, Mild Hybrid: Four-times the voltage and power.


Your line of 12-volt hybrids is selling well, but there’s still a lag – specifically, off-the- line stop/starts. Your system still lacks the acceleration power needed when pulling away from a stop and it’s leaving your customers feeling, well, underwhelmed. Then there are the rising expectations around safety, comfort and convenience. Intensifying power demands are taxing strained systems so you’re forced to compromise features and upsell options. No doubt – your customers are getting better fuel economy and emission reductions. However, because they’re also safety-, performance- and luxury-minded, they’re thinking they paid more … and still got less. As your portfolio progresses, these owners are natural targets for your next-gen hybrids. Or even your electric vehicles. And that leaves you with a quandary. How can you best meet their needs for safe, green and connected, as well as yours for customer satisfaction, sales and escalating regulatory compliance? The best, all-around answer for you both could be 48-volt, mild hybrids.

48-volt faster start acceleration.

No trade-offs for you or your customers.

The beauty of 48-volt, mild hybrids is there are literally no compromises between power and
performance like with today’s 12-volt, start-stop systems. And, eliminating these trade-offs are key to
broader consumer acceptance of today’s hybrids and tomorrow’s full hybrids and electric vehicles.

As government mandates for cleaner, safer, more fuel-efficient vehicles continue to rise in the coming
decade, 48-volt, mild hybrids provide a readily available, consumer-pleasing, cost-effective platform.

Compared to the average 12-volt, stop-start system, Delphi Technologies’ 48-volt, mild hybrids:

  • Offer 25 percent more low-end torque.
  • Boost fuel efficiency some 10 to 15 percent.
  • Deliver four-times the power without increasing engine size.
  • Reduce carbon-dioxide emissions by 25 percent.
  • Provide up to 70 percent of the overall fuel-savings benefit at 30 percent of the cost.

With these gains:

  • You win over prospective buyers that don’t want to pay more for a green car that’s still lacking power and performance.
  • Your customers get a fantastic car that delivers high mileage, low emissions, great off-the- line acceleration, plus active safety and luxury convenience features.
  • You meet your fuel economy, emissions, costs, sales volume and customer satisfaction targets.
  • You construct a better glide path to electrify your internal combustion vehicles, gradually transitioning to EVs.

That’s a win-win by anybody’s standards.

Market demand for 48-volt, mild hybrid systems.

According to IHS, roughly 50 percent of the hybrid market – or one out of every 10 vehicles sold by 2025 – will be 48-volt, mild hybrid. That’s three-times the pickup truck sales and half the global diesel market projections.

Four times the voltage and four times the power.

Advanced electrical architectures deliver more power and voltage without bigger engines, allowing for more safety and infotainment features without compromising boosts in fuel economy and reductions in emissions.


Four times the voltage and four times the power

Go 48-volt now with Delphi Technologies.

We can help you convert your 12-volt platforms to 48-volt, mild hybrid today, without tearing apart vehicle designs. This saves you time and money; increases content and features; improves customer satisfaction and quickly allows you to capitalize on this growing market opportunity. Let us show you how.


Go 48-volt now with Delphi Technologies

How we do it.

The key is power electronics, which is the efficient management of electrons between direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC).

While the battery and electric motor make up half of the cost of a typical 48-volt, mild hybrid solution, it’s the power electronics that differentiates one system from another. Delphi Technologies, which has been perfecting its expertise in power electronics for more than two decades, has developed packages that are better, smaller and more affordable.

What we do is customize and optimize the vehicle architecture for dual voltage capability – 12-volt and 48-volt combined.

The 48-volt battery and system supply power to the hybrid motor and super-charger to launch the vehicle faster and smoother, eliminating turbo lag. It also supports heavier electrical load items such as air conditioning.

The 12-volt battery and system are enhanced from the 48-volt system via a hybrid generator, inverters and DC/DC converter. This keeps the 12-volt battery charged and thermally managed; allowing it to provide the power needed for active safety and infotainment features.

Coupled with advanced software, the combined package ensures power is maximized yet engine demands are minimized. And it allows ample room to innovate without moving up to heavier componentry or bigger engines to get more power.

Looking ahead.

Moving forward, 48-volt, mild hybrids will play a key role in Delphi Technologies’ “path to electrification.” And, we’ve already combined our proprietary system with our patented Dynamic Skip Fire technology, which is aimed at replacing diesel as the fuel of choice, particularly in Europe. This enables you to achieve your full potential on the mild hybrid, full hybrid, plug-in hybrid and EV front today – and tomorrow.