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Power electronics
Power electronics: smarter packaging, lower cost
The path to electrification. Guiding you on this exciting journey.
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Viper: The small inverter power switch that packs a big punch.

Because we’re all driven to make a difference.

You’re engineering your next-generation vehicle propulsion system. Your requirements:

  • Deliver better fuel economy.
  • Hit emissions targets.
  • Craft an electrical architecture that can handle increased demands for content, data and speed.
  • Balance and migrate your portfolio across a range of options – internal combustion, hybrids and electric vehicles.
  • Meet cost objectives.
  • Create the optimum driving- and long-term performance and ownership experiences.

Demanding, yes. Challenging, of course. Complex, absolutely. Impossible? No. Because you’ve got a partner that’s driven to make a difference. Delphi Technologies.

We are technologists.

When you join forces with Delphi Technologies, you get an agile, relentless team that’s moving faster than the pace of change in powertrain technologies and aftermarket solutions. You get a global collective of technologists, focused on raising the bar on what’s possible – and what matters. More importantly, you’ll find drivers, committed to converting energy in its many forms into motion to change the functional into the unforgettable.

Our products and services.

Our industry-leading suite of original equipment and aftermarket products and services are engineered to make your life – and that of your customers’ – better. Individually or combined. Simple or complex. Known or new. Our 360-degree view of your needs, from components to complete systems, is designed to help you thrive.

Truly original equipment.

Our original equipment portfolio features passenger car and commercial vehicle products that span the range of fuel propulsion types, from gasoline to diesel to hybrid to electric. The assortment includes many firsts, breakthroughs and patents in:

  • Advanced sensors, controllers, inverters, converters and on-board chargers.
  • Ignition, emissions, fuel delivery and air management products.     

The aftermarket – always at the forefront.

When it comes to the aftermarket – nobody’s been doing it longer – or better – than Delphi Technologies. While many OEM suppliers put the aftermarket last – we routinely put it first, understanding customer lifetime value is often best delivered through the parts & service experience.

Our line-up includes parts, equipment, software and training – all geared to put you a step ahead in servicing and maintaining sophisticated vehicle systems. We’ve got you covered with:

  • Fuel systems, air conditioning, engine management, steering & suspension, advanced diagnostic equipment, e-catalogs and more.

Your guide to worldwide emissions standards.

We’ve put together a couple of simple, easy-to-use reference guides on global emissions standards for you. These tools are designed to help you navigate your path to tomorrow.

2018-2019 passenger cars & light duty vehicles

2018-2019 heavy duty & off-highway vehicles