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                    Featured Technologies

One size fits all

Advanced integrated circuit brings new levels of flexibility, simplicity to fuel control systems.

500+ bar GDi systems

The new bar in gasoline direct injection technologies.

Software systems and solutions

Experience, exploration of new spaces, unlocks better driving experiences.

The power electronics payoff

Our decades ago move to go all-in on power electronics before others creates competitive edge for customers.

Intelligent Driving

Suite of solutions uses cloud-connected powertrains to boost fuel economy, emissions performance.

All-in-one solutions

Reducing vehicle electrification costs with better packaging.

Combined inverter and converter

The marriage of two devices frees-up space, cuts costs and boosts range.

Power electronics powerhouse

Flexible packaging, advanced thermal management deliver the best for less.

Viper inverter power switch

Flip the right switch.

Dynamic Skip Fire

Just the right number of cylinders to do the job.

48-volt mild hybrids

A shrewd solution to hybrid power shortfalls.

48-volt plus Dynamic Skip Fire

A winning propulsion duo.

The NEXTCAR program

Engineering green and connected vehicles.

Particulate matter sensors

Integrated RTD technology works to cleanup diesel emissions as standards tighten. 

350 bar GDi systems

A great option for achieving gasoline engine regulatory, performance and cost targets.

High-performance ignition coils

Converting external market forces into an innovation win.

High-accuracy fuel level sensors

First-to-market innovation bests competition in accuracy, durability and costs to provide better driver experience.

F3 closed loop and DF21 injectors

Paired for precision, our closed-loop system and fuel injector advances combine to create CV breakthroughs.

The path to electrification

Diesel service test equipment

Calibrated for your success.