Advanced Propulsion Systems
Uniquely positioned to deliver solutions that optimize engine performance, increase efficiency and reduce emissions:
  • Engine Management solutions
  • Electrification
  • Electronic Controls
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Centralized Computing Power
Highly complex electronic seamlessly integrated into the cars they drive:
  • User Experience
  • Integrated Cockpit Controller
  • MLD Seat Box
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Connected Mobility
Connected and automated system integration to enable the truly connected car:
  • Automated Systems
  • Power of Data Analytics
  • Active Safety & Automated Domain Controller
  • Smart Architecture
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Vehicle Architecture Evolution
Enabling self-driving technology requires a new vehicle architecture. Here's our solution.
Path to Electrification Creates Opportunity

Electrical Connectors Get “FIT” for a New Mobility Future with Autonomous Electric Vehicles

Connectors are the ‘unsung heroes’ of advanced electrical architectures that enable the electrical, self-driving vehicles of the future.

Unplug your Electric Vehicle?

The global race for a first-to-market fully autonomous vehicles will depend on a number of systems and subsystems-both hardware and software-coming together.  

The Search for the Holy Grail of Automotive Displays

For years, as the trend in automotive toward digital displays has increased and the use of analog displays continues to decline, two types of digital displays have emerged as front runners in the race to deliver the premium customer driving experience.