modular ignition coils moving down an assembly line
Magnet-free, more modular ignition coils improve performance.

High-Performance Modular Ignition Coil: A fresh approach to ignition coil design.

Even the backyard barbecue novice knows without fire there is no food. You can have the best grill in the world but until you light it up, it's simply a cold metal box.

This is the analogy our experts use to describe the role the ignition coil plays in modern engines. The coil is essentially the lit match that transforms the 12 volts provided by the battery into the several thousand needed by the spark plugs to ignite the fuel. 

Given the demands for better fuel efficiency, fewer emissions and better performance – all out of smaller engines – that lit match needs to pack a punch that's also compact and cost effective. 

But what if it could also be free of the volatility associated with the rare earth metals used in the magnets? And featured modular elements, such the housing, connector and boots, which would make it easier to integrate into vehicle platforms?

That's when you'd have Delphi Technologies' High-Performance Modular Ignition Coil Without Magnets. 


Harnessing market forces for innovation.

The catalyst behind this invention was a nearly 600 percent price spike in a rare earth metal used to create the magnets in the coils. This spike was too large to be passed on or to be absorbed. Our customized approach to ignition coils – not just by customer, but also by customer platform – further complicated the picture. We had flexibility, but no modularity.

Our engineers knew fresh thinking to the existing design was the best way to fight back. And so, they set out to reinvent our coil. 



Multiple paths were explored on the magnets, with the team finally landing on a solution that eliminated them, yet also increased and balanced energy output. Higher energy is delivered to the air/fuel mixture for cleaner combustion. And precision electronic spark timing works to improve fuel economy. 

For modularity, the team changed the unit shape from square to oval and introduced angles that further added to the surface area. They also modified the interface to the vehicle, with the housing, connector and boot all tailored for ease of use. 

The new coil was such a hit with customers that the team went back to the drawing board recently for a second-generation variation. Using the new modular design, they developed an option that re-introduced the rare earth magnets. They wanted this on hand for those customers willing to brave the market volatility in exchange for double the energy from previous models.  


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