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Defined by a relentless focus.

Our vision, mission & values.

We are driven to make a difference.

For our customers, this means we are making it our mission to bring to market the technologies and solutions they need in order to make vehicles drive cleaner, better and further. We're committed to being the focused partner they need to overcome the demands of today and thrive in the unknown challenges of tomorrow.

For our people, this means we are working to cultivate an open, dynamic environment that brings to life what’s possible, what’s purposeful. "Be the difference" isn't just something we say. It's what we do.

And for us all, it means we are on a journey that won't be complete unless we create more than vehicles that people want to drive. They have to be vehicles that drive better.


Our vision.

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Our mission.

a chart with icons explaining the different elements of a company's mission.

Our values.

Transparency, Inclusion, Excellence and Respect are the foundation of everything we do.

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We accept challenges, exhibit and cultivate trust, and always act with integrity through a no-nonsense approach.

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We seek to work collaboratively with people with varied backgrounds and skills who are energized to bring solutions forward together and make what can be imagined real.

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We excel with a growth mindset to go beyond for all our stakeholders by delighting them with our agility, innovation, ability to listen and our responsiveness.

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We demonstrate respect for each other, accept accountability, take risks together and show positive intent while having fun along the way.