Defined By a Relentless Focus.
Defined by a relentless focus.

Because our vision and values anchor to a single promise: To help you thrive through change.

It’s really very simple. Delphi Technologies has one goal: To be the partner that helps you – our customers – overcome the demands of today and thrive in the unknown challenges of tomorrow. We want to take your business to that next level through enduring, collaborative relationships based on trust, respect, and a hunger for excellence. We want to invent not just what’s possible, but what’s valuable – to you and your customers. And we want to do it all through people that embrace integrity, transparency, diversity, sustainability and community. Global teams committed to a single promise: To deliver tomorrow, today, for you.


Our vision.

To be the leading global automotive partner for our customers with innovative, value-focused emissions, fuel economy and aftermarket solutions.


Our beliefs.

  • Innovation is only as good as its value to our customers.

  • The future is made clear through collaboration.

  • Agility and responsiveness set us apart.


Our values.

  • We embrace inclusion and equality.

  • We lead with integrity, transparency and respect.

  • We endeavor for excellence.

  • We strive for sustainability.

  • We give back to the places we call home.