employees closely examining technology at a table.
Defined by a relentless focus: Driven to make a difference.

Our vision & values.

It’s really very simple. Delphi Technologies has one goal: Driven to make a difference. Under this charge, we are striving to be the focused partner our customers need to overcome the demands of today and thrive in the unknown challenges of tomorrow. For our people, we are working to cultivate an open, dynamic environment that brings to life what’s possible, what’s meaningful. And, for us all, we are undertaking a journey that won't be complete unless we create vehicles that people want to drive.


Our vision.

Our technologists are pioneers in propulsion systems and aftermarket solutions, working with customers all over the world to make combustion, hybrid and electric vehicles more efficient and better to drive.

A sustainable future starts today.


Our beliefs.

  • Innovation is only as good as its value to our customers.
  • The future is made clear through collaboration.
  • Agility and responsiveness set us apart.


Our values.

  • We act with transparency.
  • We embrace inclusion.
  • We endeavor for excellence.
  • We lead with respect.
  • We strive for sustainability.
  • We give back to the places we call home.