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Making the world a better place.

Our community & sustainability efforts.

Corporate social responsibility is core to who we are and how we operate. As a leader in the automotive community, we believe it’s our role to help create a safer, greener and more socially responsible world for us all. This is a duty we take very seriously. From our plants, products and supply chain to our people and the places we call home, we are driven to make a difference.

Making an impact.

Rick Dauch, Delphi Technologies CEO

At Delphi Technologies, actions count. What we do makes a difference, so we follow the values that speak for our business: Transparency, Inclusion, Excellence and Respect. These four ideals represent who we are; what we stand for; and guide our actions.

You’ll find these values deeply rooted in our efforts aimed at making the world a cleaner, greener and more socially responsible place. 

These efforts include:

  • Transitioning to the international health and safety standard ISO45001 to better safeguard our people. 
  • Reducing waste, water and carbon dioxide emissions in our facilities and in the communities in which we operate to further mitigate negative impacts to the environment.
  • Employing independent experts to audit our methods to provide us with paths to improvement.

We know a better world emerges not from doing things right, but from doing the right things. It’s a planned pursuit. That’s why “be the difference” isn’t simply something we say. It’s who we are, fueling the actions we take to make a positive impact on the world. 

– Rick Dauch, CEO

Commitment to ethical business. 

Jim Harrington, Delphi Technologies - SVP and General Counsel

Corporate social responsibility is central to our business. As a global enterprise, our customers, suppliers, investors and employees look to us to set an example, understanding that our actions – or lack thereof – can have consequences. 

Achieving our goals starts with our Code of Conduct. This set of principles guides us on the right course of action in all aspects of our work – from health and safety and environmental compliance to how we interact with each other. Treating people fairly, with respect, and embracing our differences, are an incredible source of strength. One that cultivates an open, dynamic environment that allows us to bring to life what’s possible and what’s meaningful. At its core, this code is about acting with integrity, which is one of the most important things we can do. Without it – there can never be real success as individuals or as members of effective teams.

At Delphi Technologies, corporate social responsibility belongs to us all. We are committed to operating a sustainable business with continuing reductions in resource use; protecting the health and safety of our people; and actively engaging in our communities to make a difference in the world.

We give back. We pay it forward. We make it count. We make it last. It’s just that easy. And always that hard.

– Jim Harrington, SVP and General Counsel

Our stories.

Discover how we're giving back, paying it forward, making it last in the places we call home.

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Our guiding principles.

Creating a better world doesn’t just happen. It’s a planned pursuit that must be anchored to a set of principles that guide people in their efforts. At Delphi Technologies, we start with our values. They are:

  • Transparency.
  • Inclusion.
  • Excellence. 
  • Respect.

We then layer in three key pillars within our corporate sustainability framework. 

Health & Safety icon

Health & Safety.

We must ensure people’s wellbeing. With our management systems and policies, we consistently outperform other companies in global safety. But safety is not simply about statistics. It’s about protecting our people. We will not be satisfied until we achieve - and sustain - zero accidents at all our facilities.

Environment icon.


A healthy planet matters. That’s why we’re committed to actions that restore and preserve the environment, including reducing waste, conserving resources, recycling materials and inventing technologies that minimize - and ultimately eliminate - vehicle emissions.

Social icon.


Business success must also be accompanied by social success. We have an obligation to engage in ethical practices that influence our decisions and guide our outcomes to the benefit of society at large.

Using these as our foundation, we train our people on how we comply with our policies and standards. Better, we encourage them to move past minimum expectations and into maximum experiences. To make it count you have to engage. You have to care. You have to act. Our teams welcome the difference. 

We also work with our customers and suppliers to ensure their standards and ours align, particularly in areas of environmental protections, human rights and ethical business practices. We will not win when others lose through companies that choose to cut corners or look the other way.

Finally, we put into place at the highest levels of leadership, the checks and balances that keep us not just accountable, but honest and humble. 

Our report card.

To keep track of our performance we measure - both through ongoing internal reporting tools and external audits - our progress toward our health and safety, environmental and social progress goals. Recent accomplishments include:

  • A 50 percent improvement in overall safety in the last four years, with a loss work days (LWD) average rate that’s 10-times less than the average European rate among U.S. and European manufacturers. 
  • A 300 percent improvement in the last four years in identifying, communicating and problem-solving the sources of small injuries, illnesses and near misses. This has allowed us to significantly advance our prevention measures. 
  • All of our plants are certified to the Environment Management System ISO14001:2015 standard.

And, in 2019, we’re deploying efforts that include:

  • Transitioning all of our plants from the current OSHAS18001 Safety Management System to the new Safety Management System ISO45001 standard.
  • Engaging outside rating services such as EcoVadis, CDP Worldwide and Ethisphere to evaluate our efforts and help us improve our processes and practices.
  • Implementing an Internal Carbon Pricing mechanism so that each of our sites can identify and invest in the best energy-efficiency initiatives, renewable energy ventures and carbon offset projects in order to meet net carbon neutrality targets.


a bar chart showing steady year over year changes in the number of lost work days (LWD) from 2014 to 2018.
a bar chart showing steady year over year changes in the number of lost work days (LWD) from 2014 to 2018.


 a bar chart showing the year over year reduction in carbon dioxide emissions per employee from 2017 to 2018
a bar chart showing the year over year reduction in water consumption per employee from 2017 to 2018
a bar chart showing the year over year reduction in waste disposal per employee from 2017 to 2018



Our associations.

When it comes to sustainability, we understand we cannot always achieve our goals on our own. To stay current and compliant, we align our efforts to the standards set by several global organizations that make it their mission to create a better world. 

sustainability accounting standards board logo

Sustainability Accounting Standards Board.

The SASB develops sustainability accounting industry standards, which are used to help business communicate financially material information about their environmental, social and governance efforts to investors. 


united nations sustainable development goals logo

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

These 17 goals are the blueprint to a better and more sustainable future by 2030. Delphi Technologies is embracing the Decent Work and Economic Growth; Responsible Consumption and Production; and Climate Change goals. 

global reporting initiative logo

Global Reporting Initiative.

The GRI helps businesses and governments understand and communicate their impact on critical sustainability issues such as climate change, human rights and social wellbeing. 


paris climate accord logo

Paris Climate Conference Agreement.

This global accord's central aim is to combat the threat of climate change. Under the accord, Delphi Technologies is working to reduce mobile and stationary harmful emission sources, as well as convert to clean energy technologies. 



carbon disclosure project logo



Carbon Disclosure Project.

The CDP is a non-profit organization that helps businesses and governments measure - and make public - their impact on the environment.


Our awards.

Delphi Technologies is often a stand-out for our health and safety, environmental and social activities. We’re proud that our efforts are recognized by these organizations. 



european agency for for safety and health at work logo


European Agency for Health and Safety at Work.

Delphi Technologies was selected as Steering Group Member, EU-OSHA, 2018, in recognition for our safety leadership, culture and performance. 



top employers institute logo

Top Employers Institute China, Certified Top Employer, 2020.

Delphi Technologies China is recognized as one of China's top employers for our best practices and excellence in developing our people.



ecovadis logo

EcoVadis Ratings, 2019.

Delphi Technologies holds bronze-level ratings for its overall corporate social responsibility efforts.




procuraduría federal de protección al ambiente logo


PROFEPA Mexico Environmental Agency, 2018.

Delphi Technologies is recognized for being part of the Clean Industry Program for more than 15 years.


Be the difference.

Our people, at every level and location, are driven to make a difference. 


Our Corporate Social Responsibility reports.


More information. 

Got a question or need more information about our corporate and sustainability efforts? Contact us at sustainability@delphi.com