a group of young children reading gathered in a library.
A new book on learning.

China teams adopt rural school to enrich student lives, improve education.

It’s been said that with one book, one child, and one teacher you can change the world. It’s this kind of thinking that inspired Delphi Technologies to recently adopt a school in China’s Sichuan Province. Called “Wish Class,” the multi-phase, multi-year program involves everything from new books to employee created and led reading classes. The goal: Ignite what’s possible through education by first igniting the joy of reading.

Good habits.

While China’s national literacy rate is high at some 96 percent, like many countries, pockets exist where reading levels lag. This is especially true in rural, agricultural areas where resources are tight, and teachers are stretched thin. One solution to the problem is through corporate sponsorships and employee volunteerism. Enter Delphi Technologies.

Working with government and community leaders, our teams were matched with the Central Primary School of Wusi Town, Dazhou City, Sichuan Province. Located some 1,800 kilometers outside of Shanghai, the pre-K through ninth grade school provides a place to learn for more than 600 students. The school’s basics are in place, but many of the tools needed to instill and sustain good reading habits are absent. This is where our team is stepping in.

Making student wishes come true.

With the Wish Class, our employees:

  • Volunteered their time and talents to refurbish the school library to make it a more inviting learning environment. Dull walls were given a fresh coat of paint and enlivened with murals and wall hangings. And new desks, shelves and brightly colored chairs replaced aging furniture. 
  • Donated 1,200 new books to stimulate an interest in reading. Gone now are damaged, often adult-reading-level-only books and in their place is a wide variety of materials to activate imaginations. The books range from illustrated children’s stories and children’s literature to topic-specific texts in areas such as math and science.
  • Organized, developed and delivered curriculum to help bridge reading ability gaps and promote self-learning. The school now has a model upon which to build more literacy-only classwork.
  • Donated more than 200 educational toys to provide hands-on learning opportunities. Students can now explore previously unavailable worlds in science, engineering and even astronomy. 

The reaction to our team’s efforts has been very positive. Better, it’s working. The students, for instance, are sending regular postcard updates to our employees to report on their progress, the books they’ve read and the new things they are learning. And plans are now underway at Delphi Technologies to build on this momentum in 2020, where an additional 1,000 books will be donated, and more classes are planned.

Be the difference.

Our employees in China are driven to make a difference by improving student literacy.