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Welcome to Delphi Supply Chain Management.
Accelerating innovation, collaboration and excellence.

Supply chain management...what we make possible.

At Delphi, we’re always innovating, whether it’s a breakthrough technology or proprietary process. We’re shaping a world with zero road fatalities, zero injuries and zero accidents.

Our award-winning, innovative Supply Chain Management team contributes to every area of the business. We are always finding solutions, always looking to improve, always working to deliver the highest standards of excellence. It is in this spirit that we build strong relationships with our suppliers and partner with them to attain the same exceptional results. This is what SCM helps make possible. We hope you’ll take a closer look at Delphi and consider us as your company of choice.



Supply Chain Management Locations

At Delphi, you truly are globally connected. You are connected to 173,000 professionals in 126 locations all over the world, all working as one to make high technology, full-system solutions that are safer, greener and more connected to reality. Our Supply Chain Management (SCM) team spans the globe as shown below. And our global corporate office for SCM is located in Bertrange, Luxembourg, an ideal central location within global time zones.

Supply Chain Management Locations


Delphi Supply Chain Management Overview

Our award winning, end-to-end supply chain team is engaged with the enterprise in value creation and organized to understand and respond to the needs of the business and the supply base.

Delphi Annual Report

Delphi is a technology company driven by meaningful innovation and Supply Chain Management plays a key part in the company - through our people, our processes and our supplier partners.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our actions today will impact the planet and its people tomorrow. This is the greatest incentive to apply our core principles of innovation, collaboration and excellence to a wider context, including Supply Chain Management.


Be a part of the Delphi Supply Chain

Our ideas inspire change. Our actions produce change. 
This is how we deliver a better drive, today. And a better future, tomorrow.