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Delphi is one of the largest automotive suppliers delivering advanced electrical and electronic, powertrain and safety technologies to vehicle manufacturers around the world enabling them to make vehicles that are safer, greener and better connected. Your career can be as diversified as Delphi. If you seek ongoing project variety, skill development and career progression, look to Delphi. We continue to diversify our customer base and enter new global markets, creating an environment that is dynamic, resilient, and growth-oriented. We are excited about the increasing demand for our team's wide-ranging knowledge and expertise exhibited across all our major business lines. Learn what Delphi Thailand has to offer!

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Thailand is a country that has a vibrant and generous spirit while offering spectacular natural and architectural beauty. More tourists visit Thailand than any other country in Southeast Asia. Although agriculture plays a major role in Thailand's economy, the last three decades have ushered in tremendous growth in manufacturing, technology and foreign investment. Since 2005, Thailand has joined the ranks of the world's top ten automobile exporting nations. The country is aspiring to be known as the "Detroit of the East," and Delphi is proud to be part of that vision.

Delphi Presence

Delphi in Thailand

Delphi has been active in Thailand since 1997. Delphi Thailand is the first of Delphi's facilities to manufacture and supply brake calipers and fuel handing systems in the ASEAN region.

Delphi's ever-increasing investment in the Thai market was proven in 2008, when Delphi Thailand officially launched the distribution of its Delphi-branded independent automotive aftermarket products through a reputable distributor with a network of more than 2000 dealers.

Delphi's move into Thailand's automotive aftermarket provides quality products such as vehicle electronics (ignition cables, sensors, ignition coils, fuel pumps), and chassis products (brake pads, caliper kits, steering and suspension components).

In an effort to assure quality, international automakers developed and agreed upon the ISO/TS quality standard. Similarly, ISO 14001 was developed to develop a systematic management approach to an organization's environmental concerns. Delphi Thailand has received ISO/TS 14949, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 certifications.

Products produced at Delphi Thailand's manufacturing facilities include fuel pumps and modular reservoir assemblies.

career-opportunities-iconCareer Opportunities

Delphi Thailand requires many skilled and talented people, including those educated and experienced in automotive engineering and manufacturing, as well as other specialties such as supplier quality, customer support and environmental health and safety.



Employees at Delphi Thailand's manufacturing facility are active in their community. Many activities focus on areas of:
  • Education—Delphi Thailand's "Enroll the Trainee" program provides college and university students with job training and experience in a variety of fields, including engineering, administration, and quality control. Students from Kasetsart University, the German-Thai Institute and other local schools participate.
  • Community Relations—Delphi Thailand is committed to sharing its resources with the community. Employees support a variety of community organizations and activities, including the local rescue team and sporting events.