Delphi Sweden

Delphi is one of the largest automotive suppliers delivering advanced electrical and electronic, powertrain and safety technologies to vehicle manufacturers around the world enabling them to make vehicles that are safer, greener and better connected. Your career can be as diversified as Delphi. If you seek ongoing project variety, skill development and career progression, look to Delphi. We continue to diversify our customer base and enter new global markets, creating an environment that is dynamic, resilient, and growth-oriented. We are excited about the increasing demand for our team's wide-ranging knowledge and expertise exhibited across all our major business lines. Learn what Delphi in Sweden has to offer! 


Country Overview

Tradition melds with tomorrow's technology in Sweden, one of Europe's most advanced industrial economies known for its high-quality, sophisticated automotive equipment and information technology. Sweden is the home to automotive OEMs like Volvo, Scania, CEVT (China Euro Vehicle Technology). Sweden exposes Delphi employees to exciting design, development, and testing opportunities. 


Delphi Presence

Delphi in Sweden

Delphi has a strong presence in Swedish automotive cluster with over 250 persons supporting local and global projects. Growing our development and support team over approximately 30 years, we have the largest team of the top 15 automotive global suppliers. Currently two Delphi divisions are represented in Sweden; Electronics & Safety and Electrical/Electronic Architecture (E/EA), operating from two locations in Gothenburg.  

Electronics & Safety
Specialized in systems and software development, our Electronics & Safety division is represented by two co-located departments in Gothenburg; Electronic Controls, and Infotainment and Driver Interface:

  • Electronic Controls specializes in advanced active safety systems based on radar and camera sensors, and body and security computers
  • Infotainment and Driver Interface develops state-of-the-art human centric infotainment systems, reconfigurable instrument clusters, driver cameras, and online services 

We embrace agile practices, open source, and modern development tools and platforms.

Electrical/Electronic Architecture
Our E/EA division in Gothenburg is located close to our customers. E/EA provides a complete system approach supported by two strong product business units:

  • Electrical & Electronic distribution systems with products like wiring assemblies, hybrid systems (high voltage wiring) and cables
  • Connection systems where products like electrical centers, data connectivity solutions such as wireless device chargers and USB hubs, terminals and various connectors are developed together with our global technical centers and customer engineering departments.

We understand the physical and functional aspects of vehicle architectures to better serve customers by integrating wiring and cable assemblies, electrical centers and connection systems. As electrical architecture evolves, we are prepared to offer solutions based on the direction OEMs take.

The Swedish operations also hold all vital functions to support automotive development projects, customer support and deliveries such as; engineering, purchasing, human resources, sales, finance and quality. All functions are locally staffed to ensure that operations run smoothly and without interruption -all with dedication to excellence and customer support.

Products supported, designed and delivered by Delphi Sweden include:

  • Body computers
  • Electrical/electronic architecture
  • Interior controls
  • Active safety systems
  • Infotainment systems
  • Driver cameras
  • Instrument clusters
  • Wiring harnesses



Career Opportunities

Delphi offers world class benefits and provides substantial training and development opportunities for employees at all levels. Delphi not only gives employees valuable know-how, but also helps them attain a rewarding developmental experience.

Delphi in Sweden employs people in a wide variety of functions. Our work environment provides opportunities to learn quickly. In Sweden, we are regularly seeking employees in Software Development.

Job openings are specifically listed in the local recruitment portals. 

Recruitment contact: 
Please send us your CV at: or contact us for further details on job vacancies at phone nr.+ 46 70 473 96 09



Delphi's community relations program is designed to make a positive difference in the communities in which we operate.
Delphi organization in Sweden builds strong relationships with the local community and local authorities striving to be a valuable partner and a good corporate citizen.
To support our business objectives while helping society, particularly in the communities in which we reside, we encourage our employees to participate in various projects.