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Delphi is one of the largest automotive suppliers delivering advanced electrical and electronic, powertrain and safety technologies to vehicle manufacturers around the world enabling them to make vehicles that are safer, greener and better connected. Your career can be as diversified as Delphi. If you seek ongoing project variety, skill development and career progression, look to Delphi. We continue to diversify our customer base and enter new global markets, creating an environment that is dynamic, resilient, and growth-oriented. We are excited about the increasing demand for our team's wide-ranging knowledge and expertise exhibited across all our major business lines. Learn what Delphi in Macedonia has to offer!

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Located on the Balkan Peninsula, in southeastern Europe, Macedonia is a country of huge cultural heritage that enriches the entire European culture.

Delphi PresenceDelphi Macedonia

In 2016, Delphi Automotive opened its first site in Macedonia, in Skopje – Bunardzik. The site produces electronic controls technologies for vehicle manufacturers across Europe.

Delphi continues to build a network of suppliers for its Skopje plant, with special focus on use of local goods and services.

Delphi’s investment criteria, as for all other regions, were to: follow the group’s vehicle-maker customers, access skilled workforce, use of existing infrastructure and partnership potential with local government. The favorable business environment, advanced skillset and excellent infrastructure in the Technological Development Industrial Zones were key decision making factors.

career-opportunities-iconCareer Opportunities

Delphi offers worldclass benefits and provides substantial training and development opportunities for employees at all levels. Delphi not only gives employees valuable know-how, but also helps them attain a rewarding developmental experience.

Delphi’s plant is committed to being clean, safe and efficient workplace that offer opportunities for employees at all levels. As everywhere else in the world, Delphi offers career development opportunities and professional internal and external training in an environment based on team work.

Delphi in Macedonia employs people in a wide variety of functions. Our work environment provides opportunities to learn quickly.

Delphi Skopje site in Macedonia is seeking employees in the following areas of expertise:
• Manufacturing
• Quality
• Manufacturing Engineering
• Logistics
• Maintenance
• etc.

Job openings are specifically listed in the local recruitment portals.

Recruitment contact: 
Please send us your CV at:
or contact us for further details on job vacancies at phone number: +389 2 3202 215


Delphi's community relations program is designed to make a positive difference in the communities in which we operate.
Delphi organization in Macedonia builds relationships with the local community and local authorities striving to be a valuable partner and a good corporate citizen.
To support our business objectives while helping society, particularly in the communities in which we reside, we encourage our employees to participate in various projects.