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Luxembourg is a country defined by its high-income economy and exceptional literacy rate. Luxembourg has an active industrial base and offers a favorable, commercially neutral location for major European customers and an attractive business environment. The central geographical location and the cultural diversity of employees allow Delphi to better serve its customers.

The Delphi Luxembourg site opened in 1971, and Delphi recently celebrated the 40th anniversary of its site in Bascharage. The site also serves as the global headquarters of Delphi Powertrain Systems.

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The Luxembourg technical center specializes in design, development and testing of components, systems and sub-systems related to energy and engine management, power and control electronics, as well as energy storage for hybrid and electric vehicles.

The technical center is equipped with vehicle wind tunnels, multiple vehicle engine and component test stands, laboratories for noise and vibration measurements and electromagnetic compatibility. It also develops and manufactures prototypes.

Delphi Luxembourg employees develop technologies that help make cars safer and greener and that make a significant contribution to CO2 reduction, increased fuel economy and satisfy customer demands related to comfort, performance and stringent environmental standards.

Key recent technologies developed at Delphi Luxembourg include the following:

  • Multec® homogeneous GDi injector recipient of a 2011 Automotive News PACE Award (Premier Automotive Suppliers' Contribution to Excellence)
  • Delphi innovative low-cost, high-power inverter, which helps reduce emissions and improve fuel economy


Because of their central location in the European Union, Luxembourg employees often engage in community outreach initiatives with their colleagues at other Delphi Europe locations. Delphi and the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) of the University of Luxembourg are cooperating on a joint research program. The project involves developing effective and efficient automated verification and validation technologies for electronic control unit software systems. Delphi Luxembourg also participates in the European Commission Seventh Framework Program Marie Curie Actions on research initiatives.

Delphi Luxembourg employees also participate in on-site blood drives for the Red Cross.