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Delphi Facial Recognition System

Delphi's Facial Recognition (FR) system is an identity recognition security technology capable of converting 3D (three dimensional) images to a 2D (two dimensional) facial "fingerprint" by applying a unique image recording process to the human face. FR offers multiple features including a non-intrusive IR (infrared) light source for identity recognition, faster and more accurate recognition versus current systems and less data storage required for "face print" files. FR also delivers two forms of defeat security and is capable of recognizing changes due to plastic surgery or cosmetic treatments. Delphi applied for a U.S. patent for this technology in 2009.


  • Contains non-intrusive IR light source for identity recognition
  • Requires no unique recording equipment or materials
  • Increases accuracy compared to other image recognition systems
  • Helps to prevent hacking or defeat by fraudulent imaging (masks)
  • Two forms of defeat security built in
  • Enables recognition of minor physical changes — even with modifications due to plastic surgery or cosmetic treatments
  • Recognition and confirmation time versus current  systems
  • Reduces total system cost for data storage since less data storage is required

Typical Applications

  • Industrial and residential security systems
  • Identity recognition systems for retail point of sale equipment
  • Computer passwords replaced with facial recognition
  • Parental control of TVs, cell phones 

The illustration above shows the process used with Delphi's Facial Recognition System.


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