A light emitting diode's (LED) color depends on the material used. The color can be visible or infrared. Visible LEDs are used as indicator lights on all sorts of electronic devices and in moving-message panels, while infrared LEDs are the essence of remote control devices. LED technology offers many low cost, brilliant LED edge lighting techniques in such applications as gauge lighting, telltale lighting, and LED color mixing graphics.

LEDs are often used in instrumentation and automotive displays, and when coupled with Delphi's inventions, can provide brilliant and dazzling displays that are cost competitive.

Specific Delphi technology available includes:

  • Multi-color backlighting of liquid crystal displays with LEDs, providing real-time selectable color control
  • Serial communication method and apparatus for display control
  • Tip-to-tail illuminated pointers for analog gauges, with uniform light distribution
  • Effective coupling of stationary, high-flux LEDs to moving, high-intensity gauge pointers
  • Integrated gauge mechanism with illuminating light pipes and surface-mounted gauge with illuminated pointer
  • Bi-functional light pipe and display assembly, providing highlighting of active buttons or functions

LED lighting of displays with Delphi's technologies offers low-cost solutions, brilliant illumination, dynamic color capability, power efficiency, and efficient packaging.

Potential Applications

Automotive Instrument cluster gauge lighting
Industrial/home appliance, aeronautics etc.  Lighting of signs, controls, buttons, keypads, displays


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