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Delphi Intumescent Material

Delphi Intumescent Material is a fire shield material made of a thermoplastic elastomer and can be formed using conventional plastic extrusion or molding techniques. It comprises a base resin made of a blend of high-density polyethylene and chlorinated polyethylene, with added fire retardants, thermal and oxidative stabilizers, foaming agents, char formers, and inorganic fillers. When exposed to fire, it intumesces and forms an effective shield against fire propagation and heat flow, with no melting, dripping, or burn-through.

The material can be used to make individual functional parts or as a protective layer over parts made of other materials.


  • Helps provide fire protection for increased safety
    • Can be used to make a plastic flame retardant (dramatically slows the spread of fire)
    • Can be used to make a plastic fire shield (remains structurally intact under fire)
  • Injection-moldable with most common plastic materials, including HDPE, Polypro, and ABS
  • Maintains its physical attributes without melting or burning even after long exposure to intense heat and flames
  • Can retain mechanical strength in the event of a fire
  • Can employ recycled materials
  • Cost effective
  • Lightweight
  • Chemically resistant
  • Sound deadening
  • Non-halogenated

Laboratory Burn Test Data from Fire Testing


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Patent Number

6,809,129, Elastomeric intumescent material


Abu-Isa; Ismat A.