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Acting responsibly - 2013 CSR Report

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It Starts with Our People

At Delphi, we are passionate about helping people live better lives. We are committed to creating a safe and healthy workplace for our employees. Assisting those in need in the communities in which we operate. Innovating so that consumers reap the benefits of sustainability such as greater fuel economy, reduced emissions and increased safety. That is the Delphi way, and it has been part of who we are for years.

It starts with a culture that makes safety the first priority and that welcomes innovative, fresh thinking from a diverse employee base. It starts by aiming for the highest ethical standards among our employees and suppliers. It starts with a commitment to global citizenship and giving back to the communities where we operate. It starts with our people.


Product Innovation: Our Responsibility. Our Passion.

Respect for our planet and respect for people everywhere drive the product lifecycle at Delphi – from design through shipping the product to our customers, and every step in between. Minimizing a vehicle’s impact on the environment and making driving inherently safer build the foundation for socially responsible design and manufacturing.

Before consumers ever use our products on the road, the product undergoes stringent design and technology development. And we ask our key supply chain partners to embrace the same standards of social responsibility we hold for ourselves in our manufacturing and logistics operations.


There Is Only One Planet to Support All of Us

We will share our planet with future generations. This is why Delphi is committed to protecting human health, natural resources and the environment where we live and operate.

Around the globe, Delphi individuals and teams are using the same innovation and passion they apply to create the next generation of automotive systems to finding ways to minimize or eliminate waste in our operations, to significantly reduce energy and water use and to minimize the carbon emissions generated as a result of our manufacturing operations.

Their work is delivering results. Here are just a few examples.

  • In Mexico, we are working with ENEL Green Power to supply nearly 70 percent of the electricity needs for 46 Delphi plants from a wind generation farm.
  • Two Delphi plants in India have reduced water use to the point that they are considered “zero discharge” facilities.
  • Five Delphi sites, two in the United Kingdom and three in the United States, have achieved land-fill free status.